Diet Plan


You are smarter than many. You searched for a Diet Plan not a Diet Pill... That says you have good common sense and are looking for a real solution, not a magic pill. Read about the TOP Diet and you should succeed. Our goal is to help you lose weight, not sell you pills or fancy food or gimics. In order to lose weight you have to be honest with yourself and incorporate the following into your life. You can't do 1 thing and fix your weight, you have to do 100 little things to fix your weight.


If you are 40 and you want to look like a bikini model then you can stop reading here... that is not realistic. If you want to develop a nice shape, feel better about yourself and enjoy life a little more, then read on. Exactly WHY do you want to lose weight ? Only you can really answer that.
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This is the most important part of the TOP Diet. If you dont' know or won't really admit to yourself why, then nothing will work for you. Are you doing it because your concerned your husband might leave you ? Because you want to fit into a bikini again ? Because you just don't like the way you look and want to look better ? There are no right and wrong answers, just the truth. However, some answers will motivate you to do it and some really won't. "I want to look better for my husband"... sounds great, until the first time he makes you mad and you think "the heck with him" and eat until your sick. You get my point. Step 1 of the TOP Diet... HOW MUCH WEIGHT DO I "REALISTICALLY" WANT TO LOSE AND WHY DO I WANT TO LOSE THE WEIGHT ? Write your answer down in as much detail as you really can and think if that is really the truth.


You have already written down WHY you want to lose weight and how much, so now we need to use it. This is your motivation. This is WHY your doing it. So we want a reminder in front of us. We are all mostly visual creatures. Out of sight, out of mind... A great example is a commercial on TV where it shows the girl hanging her bikini in her living room in the middle of winter... watching it all that time... until that spring day comes and she puts it on... meeting her GOAL. There are many ways to do this. Take a picture of yourself and white out the extra curves you want to get rid of. That will give you a picture of what you want. If it is lose 10 pounds so you can fit back into those jeans you love, put your jeans on your nightstand so you see them each morning and each night. Try them on every few days... getting closer ?


Remember to never get discouraged. You didn't put this weight on in a week and it won't come off in a week. If you quit you stay over weight. Don't blame the diet... "well, it just didn't work". That is not the truth. The truth is YOU didn't want to do it anymore. Eating FOOD became more important to you than your goal. YOU decided you didn't care about those jeans anymore or what your husband thought or whatever your reason was to lose weight. ONLY YOU CAN DO IT. No excuses. You have probably done about a dozen diets and none of them worked and that is why your here. Say to yourself... "this is my last diet". Imagine how good you will feel about yourself WHEN you succeed. You will look great, feel great and know that you accomplished what you set out to accomplish. YOU CAN DO IT.


I am sure by now you expect some big formula for counting calories or fat content or don't eat this or that. Not exactly the program. Now comes the next question for you... Do you eat too much food or do you just eat the wrong food ? Let me give you an example. Betty says she doesn't eat much which is true, howeve, she snacks on chocolate bars during the day, has a burger for lunch, pasta for dinner and washes it all down with about 6 cokes during the day. She eats the WRONG food. Wilma tries to eat more fruits and vegetables but she eats like there is no tomorrow... big breakfast with lots of greasy sausages and pancakes, McDonald's for lunch (big mac and fries...super sized) and dinner is a fried fiesta with chocolate cake for desert. She eats too much. Now realistically you won't be one or the other, but somewhere in between. Now I won't bore you with a bunch of you should eat fruits and veges and such... you already know that. So here is your diet plan. You can only drink coffee, tea (sweetner) and WATER, you know why. Food ? You can only eat 1/2 of what you want to eat and only 1 small fat thing (chocolate cake, fig newtons, etc) each day. Simple... if you usually have a big mac and fries at lunch, order a regular cheeseburger and a small salad. Not as good I understand, but remember YOU are the one who wants to lose weight. If it was totally easy, you wouldn't have a weight problem now would you... I know this sounds too simple and you wanted some new crazy diet plan you hadn't done. But in reality there isn't anything complicated... don't eat too much and don't each too much fat food. I like a lot of chicken, dill pickles, salsa, etc. You have to find the foods you like that aren't so fat. You are a smart person and already know what you should not be eating. Just make sure you don't get extreme. Stopping too much and not giving yourself a little break will lead to quitting the plan and continuing to be over weight.


It is that simple and hard. But this is where the real program starts. YOU are over weight probably not because of what you eat but because you are not active. Your enemy is your chair. You sit in it and don't move and watch TV or knit or work on the computer. THAT is why your over weight. Now do you want me to give you an exercise program to follow ? I won't bother. You won't do it, because that is even harder than eating less. So what do I tell you. GET OFF YOUR BUNS. You waste too much time on the computer and watching TV that has little value and is making you over weight. This is the 100 small things. Don't watch TV, watch a program. Limit what time you sit. Go do something with your son or daughter. You might find that you will have a better family life and get thinner at the same time. Don't sit. At work the same ol' things; take the stairs, don't call the guy down the hall go see him. Another thing I highly recommend is to do little stretching exercises (ok I did say exercise but not really). I like to stand up after sitting for a while and do 10 knee bends. That is where you simply keep your back straight and go straight down until your butt about touches the heel of your shoe. It will really stretch you a little and keep you going. Another desk thing I do is to get about 2 feet from the desk and lean to it putting my hands on the desk and do a "desk push up" about 10 times. Bottom line is DO SOMETHING besides sitting and eating.


You can finish this and say it won't work for you and keep on searching... or... you can finally stop shopping and start doing something about it. The bottom line is there is no magic answer or pill. YOU got yourself into this and YOU have to get yourself out of this. Isn't that what you teach your kids ? Stop feeling like a victim. Nobody made you eat all that or sit on your butt. If you want to have a new life then do it. If you don't then just accept being over weight. Success is YOURS if you want it. If you don't then only you are to blame. Make your mind up and do it. How many more years do you think you will live ? 20-30-40 ? So if this takes you 3-6 months isn't that a short time of effort to enjoy the next 40 years of being thin. Stop shopping and get on the TOP Diet !

Before making any significant changes in diet or exercise, consult your doctor.
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